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The Arts District / Liberty Street Projects


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added 10 more units!

from triad.bizjournals.com:

Local developer, Chris Kellner of Kellner Custom Builders, is ready to convert a building just north of the central business district into 30 for-sale residential condominiums. Tobacco Square was a former tobacco warehouse and later an office building. Kellner says work has already begun on the project. It will be called Eight Thirty Six Oak with units slated to be ready for occupancy by the fall of 2007.

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6th St. to be converted to two-way

City transportation officials are planning to start returning a one-way stretch of Sixth Street through the Downtown Arts District to two-way traffic this year.

Although the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation has received requests to change the street before, new construction under way in the arts district area served by Sixth Street have made it necessary to speed the process....


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thats a nice spot for the store. but this was also Sawtooth's site for its relocation from marshall st. i hope they havent abandoned those plans. the arts district could really benefit from another anchor.

I am pretty sure the Sawtooth relocation plan was abandonded long ago... From what i know the Saw tooth has instead aquired the building directly behind it on the corner of 2nd Street for expansion. Also... you have to keep in mind where the Sawtooth is... the park adjacent to it is the Winston-Square park... the back side of that park (where the run down water garden is) faces down Holly Ave.

If you look at the West End Village project on 4th Street.. the buildings being contructed now (on the corner of 4th and broad are actually the back side of that project... the main building (phase 3 i believe) sits at the end of Holly Ave and faces directly down Holly Ave... back to the end that is now closed off by the Winston Square water garden and back side of the sawtooth.

The idea as expressed to me was to make Holly Ave. an "it" street in Winston... and in the process redo the Winston Square park... and open the main entrance to the park as well as the redone sawtooth (through the park) to Holly Ave... if you look down Holly from the WEV side you can really see the idea... Sawtooth may well have been told of this a long time ago and thus decided that its prospects for a grande entrance etc. would be better suited to staying where it is and letting the development come to it...

You also have to look at the Arts district... not a lot of cheap real estate around there large enough for the Sawtooth anymore... (not to mention if it moves out of the saw tooth roofed building it would have to change names)

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