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Flint's 150th who went? Opinions?


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I had to go out of town but I wished I was there for the weekend to see things and be a part of the clebration. Who went and what would you say about what went on?

Also did anyone see the news bit about Kettering securing things with GM that will end up in (I believe) building across the river to develop fuel cell technology? Anyone think this could attribute to another boom in Flint? Someone compared it to silicon valley for some reason.

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I went, but I only got a chance to spend a few hours there. I went to the parade, Carriage Town's bazaar, and movies at the Capitol. They were all nice. That was my first time inside the Durant-Dort office building. I finally found one of those Arcadia photo-history books about Flint there (I always see every other Michigan city at Borders, but never Flint).

People were waiting in line to ride carriages in Carriage Town, and there were lots of people waiting to go paddle-boating in the Flint river. The portion of Riverbank Park adjacent to the Riverfront Character Inn was under renovation, but was looking nice!

Watching the cartoons at the Capitol really made me want to be able to go there for new releases. If they did that and got a nice surround-sound implementation, I'd never go to either Showcase Cinema theater.

I hope this spurs some kind of annual event on a smaller scale. I didn't get a chance to do half of what I planned and it seemed to be enjoyable for everyone. Just think if it happened on a nice, sunny day...

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