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Grand Haven Projects

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A run-down of some of the projects in and around Grand Haven, a beautiful little town where the Grand River enters Lake Michigan, about 25 miles West of Grand Rapids:



Grand Landing, a $70 Mil. redevelopment of an industrial facility along the Grand River and US-31, including a 96 ft tall hotel and convention center, multiple restaurants, retail and residential. No renderings, but more info:


Braza Di Lago Condos


One of the first factory conversions in West Michigan, The Old Piano Factory - Harbourfront Place



Proposed 6 story condo and new restaurant at the current Bil-Mar Restaurant site on the beach


Bil Mar today

Kirby House in the historic Kirby Hotel


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Speaking of Grand Haven, I found out that they are just starting to re-write their zoning ordinance. They have a website (www.grandhavenzoning.org) that has a message board for anyone who lives there :whistling:

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