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Jerrys Curb Service


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Has anybody tried out Jerrys Curb Service yet? Went by last night on my way back into town. Food was pretty good, some great spins on hamburgers in a retro 50's way. Definitely not lite....very heavy and plenty of carbs and fat. The one really great feature, they have an item on the menu called the "Mutt Burger". For 1.95, you can get a burger for your dog, pre-cut into pieces in a special container. :thumbsup:

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Been by there many times, but not stopped to eat yet. Looks very retro! I hope the location doesn't limit its long-term success.

On a similar note: Has anyone else eaten at Five Guys Burgers and Fries? They're not as great as I thought, especially for the price, but not bad either. Neat to see all the notes from visitors around the nation.

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Does anybody know what happened to this place? Did it ever actually open for business or did it just close very soon after it opened? :huh:

i was open briefly, never went there so can't say much about it. but from my past real estate experience...its a horrible location for something like that and they'll have a hard time selling that building. Not surprised it closed quickly.

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