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Arkansas Picture Of The Day


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Weird, isn't it?

I don't know how long ago they changed the name of the building, so that picture may be a little old.

The TCBY sign was taken down in the summer of 2004. The name Metropolitan was added on the sides in January, and the Big Blue Bird (well, I guess it's actually white) in February.

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Great Pics!!!

Thanks, hopefully posting some of my previous pics here will allow more people to see them who may be put off looking at my somewhat large Pics of Fayetteville topic. Just posting a few of the better ones in a smaller size. I also have some that I haven't posted that were taken in state parks and out in the beautiful Arkansas outdoors.

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Thought I'd post some pics I took in the spring and focus a bit on the natural beauty in Arkansas. This is from the south side of Mt Magazine the tallest mountain between the Appalachians and the Rockies. In the distance you can see some of the Ouachita Mtns in the background. In the other you can see Blue Mtn Lake. I had considered posting some of my hiking pics before but wasn't sure if there was enough interest. That and I know it doesn't really have anything to do of an urban nature.



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Great Pics!!

BTW, did you happen to see the cabins under construction up there at Mt. Magazine?

I think they are around 3 to 4 stories tall.

Yeah they're massive. It's like three of four buildings sorta link together to make a very long lodge. I wasn't too happy at first because I was worried that they were overdoing it a bit. The shots I took were a way down the road and down from the top of the mountain because I couldn't get any shots anywhere else because of all the construction. When they first put the state park up there they acted concerned because of the unique habitat up there. Then not too mcuh later they decide to put a huge lodge up there. I almost wish they had built a taller structure so it didn't spread out so much. But once it's done I suppose you'll be able to go back and look at the view, although you may have to do it from the lodge itself.

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This is a view of LR from NLR's Riverfront Dr. This is just East of where the ballpark will be built. I think NLR should build more openings in the floodwall like this one.

But then it wouldn't be a floodwall, would it?

I used to watch the fireworks over there, it's an awesome place to do it.

The view from over there, including Alltel's "front porch" is terrific. As a matter of fact, I think the best city view of Little Rock is the one from the steps of the arena.

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Here's some I took earlier in the year. The first is along the Compton Trail to Hemmed-in Hollow at the Buffalo National River. I bit of a foggy start to that day. The second is at the top of the bluff where Hemmed-in Hollow Falls is located. Not the most spectacular waterfall by the amount of water, but it is the tallest between the Appalachains and the Rockies. I couldn't get the whole thing in the pic, I've heard varying numbers on the falls. It seems to be somewhere around 190 to 225 ft. I have some more of Hemmed-in Hollow and Mt Magazine for that matter, I'll try to slowly post them in here. Or maybe I'll start another pic topic for a more natural setting.



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