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Tiger Tailgate Show @ Wild Wing Cafe!


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I was just listening to the pregame shows on the radio and the Tiger Tailgate Show just came on from Wild Wing Cafe in Spartanburg. That's cool! They were in downtown Greenville for the road games the past few years, but it's nice to hear them including the whole Upstate. :thumbsup: If you can get it, tune into 104.9 fm to hear, or listen online here, but I would also recommend heading over there to experience for yourself in person. It is great exposure for the City. Mayor Barnett has a commercial on that station which has been airing for quite awhile now. :)

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It must be a collaboration between the station and the franchise because they have a post-game show at the Greenville location every week too. The place is absolutely PACKED all the way out the door! You know, it's the college kind of atmosphere. ^_^

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