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The Grande Palms Tower in Myrtle Beach


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I've just returned from a business trip to Myrtle Beach...I didn't have a lot of free time, but I tried to get out and snap some shots every chance I got! I've got quite a few more photos I will post as time allows, but I wanted to start by focusing on the new Grande Palms Tower that will open at Kingston Shores next year in Myrtle Beach. I stayed at the Hilton next door to the site, so that made it pretty easy to get the shots.

The 24-story tower will feature 184 condos ranging in size from 1588-2369 square feet. A sales brochure from the Hilton touts a "sand bottom pool, a first for Myrtle Beach and luxurious cabanas complete with TVs, air conditioning and refrigerators."

The tower will make a nice addition to the skyline, especially since it will only be 5 towers north of the 29-story Margate Tower.





From the 9th floor of the Hilton - looking landward...




From the ocean side of the Hilton - a shot of the North Hampton Tower. Yes, they are going to SQUEEZE the new tower in between the Hilton and North Hampton!


Looking a little more landward from the same balcony on the 8th floor...



And finally, a shot from the ocean's edge...with the Hilton on the right and the Grande Palms crane on the left!


Hope you enjoyed! :)

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Yeah, the construction was incredible...cranes everywhere. They probably have 8-10 new towers going up right on the beach...not counting all the construction I saw just a little inland! Myrtle Beach has certainly changed since I last visited in 1988!!

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I know I certainly would not want to live in the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach is for tourists. Speaking of, I am SO glad we have MB. You're talking about a place that has absolutely put the state of SC on the map in so many ways. The state is already the kid brother, step cousin, etc., to NC, TN, GA, and FL. Just imagine if there were no tourists. Just imagine if there were no MB or Charleston. Greenville, Columbia, Rock Hill, Florence, Sumter, and Spartanburg ALL put together couldn't even come CLOSE to making up the difference! I agree it's not a great place to live, but I am so glad it's there, putting SC on the map, providing so many jobs to so many folks, and creating billions of dollars every year for the local economy. This is actually a big blessing in a state that is so very anti-city.

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