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Went to Greensboro today


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I had nothing much to do this saterday so I went up to G-boro with my cousin who goes to school at A&T. We went over to the Freindly Center and Four Season's before going downtown. Besides going to a few parades it was the first time I had really been downtown, and I must say I was impressed. We parked over at the station which was my main point of intrest anyway. I was only downtown for about an hour, so we walked Elm Street and I took a couple lousy photos. I releize some of you UP members might have been up there but I didn't know who to look for.

Was using a 20.00 digital camara so very cheap and poor quality, sorry.

G-boro skyline from the Depot


The Depot


Looking at the Depot from Elm Interlocking. You can make out the stations platform in the background.


Natty Green's- this was probley the most packed area downtown that day. You can't really tell from the pic but it was crowded.


These was a nice condo building under construction that I like, the only thing is that I didn't catch the top.


Just walking down Elm



Some bank building, forgot the name


The old Woolworth building


One last shot of the skyline


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I went through downtown Greensboro a few months back when my old roomate and I were wandering around and I was really impressed once I was down there. Greensboro has some nice buildings and density on street level. Maybe one day I can go there on a weekend night and check out the nightlife...

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