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New "Chinatown" to rise on Detroit riverfront.


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I also hope this succeeds and it will be a nice addition not only to the downtown area, but also the riverfront/riverwalk. Things like this will only add to a uniqueness of the Detroit riverfront promenade. Downtown, an urban park, the marina, china town....

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Good news, and very unexpected. But, like everyone else said, only in Detroit would the ground floor retail of a newly constructed parking garge be home to a "village" lol Yes, hopefully it does spread beyond the parking garage.

Actually, as obvious as a concept as it may be, I had never thought of the new reincarnation of Rivertown as an urban, ethnic district, but this could be great. I hope other groups take the catalyst that this Asian village could create and run with it.

This could very well become a true village mimicking the waterfronts of many international cities all around the world with the help of these immigrant entrepreneurs. The very cool thing about much of Rivertown is it's very slim streets (by Detroit standards), and how even with the incredible disinvestment how it already feels like a tight, little village.

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