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Brookberry Farm


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Anybody remember this proposal from 2 years ago? I heard mention of it a while ago but i thought it was already being constructed. These type of neighborhoods are starting to get popular around the triad. I think this is the third one that under construction in the city. Im pretty sure Greensboro has a few also?


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What's happening to the old Brookberry Farm manor house? Is it being preserved? I went there on a school picnic about 20 years ago and I remember it was a beautiful house along the lines of W.N. Reynolds's house at Tanglewood.

I think it's great that they're building a subdivision w/ sidewalks and some semblance of an urban idea. It would be great if the architecture could be progressive as well instead of what I assume will be more "McMansions." There is a great spec subdivision development under construction in the Hamptons with houses by 34 prominent architects chosen by Richard Meier for the developer in the same price range as the Brookberry development (especially when adjusted for cost-of-living and cheaper construction costs in NC). I would love to see that at Brookberry. Here's a link to that project's website: http://www.housesatsagaponac.com/

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thanks for the info incvlcphlga. that hamptons project is nice and i hope W-S's will be just as non "mcmansion". Its sad but i dont know anything about that area of the city, actually i didnt even know this place exsisted. im guessing they will incorporate that mansion in the design some kind of way. it would be stupid to tear it down. here is the site plan for the development.


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I think the apartments are near the Village at Robinhood shopping center.

I love this neighborhood...the rolling hills and tree-lined sidewalks. The only issue is the closeness of the houses considering their size. But anyway it is a top-notch community. It has the country setting with suburban amenities closeby and easy access to the city and major work/shopping centers.

I had heard that it will eventually have its own schools (elem and middle). It is going to be a huge neighborhood

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