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I was able to make a brief stop in Anderson the other day. I couldn't get all of the angles I wanted due to time constraints, but there are alot of good shots here I think. Anderson has a VERY well preserved downtown. I see loads of potential here. Lots of great architecture, and the groundwork has already been laid for redevelopment. It just needs to take root and spread beyond Main St.

eCity Java in the Sullivan Building looked like an awsome place. I wish I had some shots of it.....








Main St and Downtown








Anderson County Library


Calhoun Senior Living Community


Redevelopment Opportunity





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Thanks for these photos, Spartan! I really love the work that has been done in the past couple of decades in downtown Anderson. It used to be a place you'd want to avoid at almost all cost. I like the classic architecture given to new buildings such as the Library. I have a membership there because I enjoy some of their reference books. :)

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Another thanks to you Spartan. These photos bring back memories of home. I too remember the days when you avoided downtown Anderson at all costs. The city has had a couple of near misses in the last few years (the City Club and most recently the Chiquola) but inspite of that it seems to be inching forward.

I think I remember when the "new" Court House was built (was that the early 1990s?), there was serious discussion about locating it near Anderson Mall and just giving up on downtown completely. Glad that didn't happen. As you mention - there is a lot of really neat architecture.

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No the Mortuary is conviently accross the street.

By the way the Calhoun Senior Living Center is the building being converted to condos.


THat is fantastic. No offense to those senoir citizens, but I'm glad they will be moving elsewhere. In ordert to revitalize downtown it will help to have more active people there.

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