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If you were the omnipotent dictator of Charlotte...


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...what would you do?

For starters, I'd see to it that downtown had:

* A good eastern-style BBQ joint

* A good Mexican restaurant

* A good bookstore

I would also tear down the entire University area and start over. But that's just me. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Require first level (exterior) retail, 75% of floor, in all buildings within the loop.

I will agree with that huieon39. I am very pleased by what we have, but could stand to see some more stores in the base of all construction currently happening in Uptown.

I think that the city should add tax-incentives as a sweetener to lure retailers too.


Oh and one other thing if I were in charge.

I would put some damn lights on the Interstates around here !!!


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- I would add more cultural restaurants within the loop (middle eastern, south asian, polish/german, etc)

- I would put in the north corridor commuter rail NOW not 20friggin10

- I would say a big F-U to the people nagging about widening 485 in the south and just finish the damn thing because University area needs it more than you need widening

- I would add alternate routes between Northlake and University

- I would dig a giant trench from Lake Norman cutting right through the city along Brevard so we can have waterfront (Erie Canal anyone???)

- I would ban the use of "NoDa" because it sounds too much like it's trying to be "SoHo"

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Jus thought of one other thing: I'd put in some kind of tower/observation deck, open to the public, where people could go up and take in the view. The top of the B of A corporate center would do nicely.

(On a related note, the guy who lives by the water tower on N. Davidson St at 37th said it's not in use and is part of his property--said I can climb it anytime I want to. Still thinking that one over.)

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:lol: you're always going on about those damn lights aren't you :D

i do agree though it is a pain in the ass at night/early morning

I agree. I can't seem to get off the lighting issue, but it really gets under my skin. Think about it, we are suppose to be trying to achieve a "world class" reputaion as a city and one that is full of opportunity and wealth, but we can't find a way to get light bulbs in the fixtures around town. I don't think that is very "world-class".

Also, we need to try and find a way to incorporate trash pick up into our transportation budget again. I have noticed a real mess on the Interstate and Freeway system around here.

I am not a big fan of trash. Many have mentioned that CLT has NO grit. Well I think if they stick around long enough we will have grit up to our eyeballs. :P


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Jus thought of one other thing: I'd put in some kind of tower/observation deck, open to the public.

I would agree with this too Vitamin N.

There is at least one public venue to see the city from on high. Bentley's is open on the top floor of the Charlotte Plaza building and is a decent place to check out the city below. It is not an observation deck, but at least it is something that the general public can access without a badge.

(Just bring a lot of cash if you plan on dining, it is no Mcdonalds)


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-"Fix" East and West Charlotte

-Come up with some plan to lower crime

-Move UNCC downtown <--(thanks Krazeeboi)

-Change or get a skyscraper downtown that is something different than a bank. Get a fun skyscraper downtown that people like to visit, and see in postcards....

-Adopt an unnoficial music style

-Start a reputation of being fun, not just businessy......

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Remodel Eastland Mall and save it fast

Make US-74 an interstate faster

Help turn sprawl into "smart growth"

Put more variety in the grocery stores in town... bring Publix and Kroger in to have a balance with HT, Lowes, Bi-Lo and Food Lion...

oh yeah.. and FILL IN Dee Dee's hole ;)

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Require first level (exterior) retail, 75% of floor, in all buildings within the loop.

:) would I be required to sell coffee in my living room... or would some buildings be exempt?

if i were dictator of charlotte i'd:

- move uncc downtown

- set up a permanent funding mechanism for parking decks to be built for high density developments

- reconnect the grid in as many places as physically possible in downtown and north of downtown.

- create an ordinance requiring driveways to be 80% permeable (with just paving for tires, but not in between)

- create an ordinance requiring all bigbox retailers to do one or more of the following with their roofs:

- solar panels

- grass

- parking

- create an ordinance requiring that all lots be 60% covered with tree shade

- create a special property tax for parcel area covered by surface parking

- Build a high speed interchange at 85 and brookshire freeway and upgrade brookshire and independence to an interstate. :)

i'm sure there are more, but that is all i have time for now :).

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Hey these are some interesting dictates:)

If I was dictator of Charlotte Mecklenburg:

1. No towers less than 40 floors could be built Uptown. (too many 30-something story towers!!!!)

2. Bring in a MAJOR tourist attraction Uptown

3. Cancel all the plans for a AAA ball field, and go for the big prize---to become a city with NBA, NFL AND MLB

4. Immediately study and engineer the proposals to dig a big ditch and run a river throught he city

5. Scrap all ideas of an observation "needle" (too contrived, too much a copy of other cities)

6. Immediately engage in serious discussion with the Donald Trump organization for a tower(s) Uptown

7. Leave enough space for future business/office towers (don't let 1st Ward encroach on Uptown)

8. Bring Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Belk---under one roof Uptown

9. Immediately engage Publix grocery (and it's second-to-none service) to locate Uptown

10. LARGE, but friendly police presence Uptown with lots of 24 hour a day cameras monitoring every street

I'm a benevolent dictator!

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