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San Marco Place


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Just thought I'd create a post/thread regarding the construction and everything concerning San Marco Place.

Btw, I read the Downtown Jacksonville Mag earlier today and it had an interesting information concerning SMP. Remember how they mentioned that SMP would be built one floor per week, they were referring to the actual residential floors (not including the garage floors). This "one floor per week" won't be started until next month (November) as the magazine had described.

I seriously thought they were already building one floor per week anyhow, but then again, garage floors I believe do take more time than the actual residential floors due to the concrete construction and all.

I guess we'll have to wait until next month to really see this project go up. Given the "one floor per week" notion will start next month, I expect that we'll see approximately 8 floors added to however many garage floors and whatever they'll finish by the end of this month until the end of December. If so, that should make SMP around 15 floors (estimated) by the end of this year. After this, SMP only needs 1 1/2 month to complete the top floor! :)

SMP should be topped off by the middle of february and be ready for it's grand opening mid-2006 as stated in the magazine. Followed soon after by The Strand's grand opening by September 2006.

What are the chances you guys think that SMP will top off before The Strand?

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I just have this inner feeling thought that SMP might actually beat The Strand to it. That's just my feeling though.

Anyways, yeah, The Peninsula will have its grand opening in mid-2007. I'm sure by this time next year that The Peninsula will be way beyond halfway done as far as floors go.

Btw, is The Peninsula going to have the same style/footprint for the residential section as The Strand or is it going to be one big rectangular block going up from the 9th floor? B/c The Strand is shaped like an L where the residential floors start from the garage. I think The Peninsula's though is going to be a huge rectangle rising up from the garage parking area. That's the way it looks from the renderings though. Can someone verify or clarify this for me? Thanks.

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Fatal accident on Southbank condo site under investigation

The accident happened about 11:45 a.m. at 1478 Riverplace Blvd., where the San Marco Place condominiums are under construction, when a scaffold broke. Two people fell 21 floors and one was caught by netting, according to officials.



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That is really sad news and my prayers go out to the victims of this accident. This is sure to look bad for Haskell and for Balanky.

By the way, how would you feel about living in a building that people sacrificed their lives over just to build the condo that you are living in?

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What floor is this project on now?

I occasionally driver through I-95 heading north and see the Southbank projects rising, but I think SMP has already reached 21 floors right or are they working on the upper floors beyond the 21st floor?

I must say that it looks impressive compared to The Strand.

It would be even better had they built SMP to be around like 30 floors or so!

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