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Hartford County Government


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I've continually advocated at Trinity (to the five people who care about the city here) that if Hartford county had an intact government the city would be much better off than it is currently...i think that holds true for cities like Waterbury and Bridgeport too. So, anyway, I was just wondering what everyone thought about it.

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Agreed. If the "County" and the "City" could be managed together, the area would work a lot more cohesively, and be able to compete globally better than it currently can through joint marketing, etc.... Of course, I'm a phone guy, so I really don't know what I'm talking about....

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I think it's a great idea LItoCT, but hell's going to have to freeze over before the Hartford suburbs agree to a county government.


The city of Hartford would benefit greatly from it's suburbs-some of which rank among the wealthiest in the nation. As it is the City of Hartford has to compete with it's own suburbs to keep jobs in Hartford (ING) and has to compete against it's own suburbs to get new business to open in the city so that it can survive. It should be that if a company relocates from Saint Louis to Glastonbury then every town and city should benefit from this move-not just Glastonbury.

It would be extremly hard to convince the residents of Hartford's suburbs to enter into an agreement that would join Hartford with its suburbs for at least some things because many suburban residents dont care and/or dont want to worry or pay for Hartford's problems.

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