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Redevelopment Eyed for Dickerson Pike


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Here's an article from today's City Paper. I really hope that the redevelopment work described in the article gets done. This would compliment some of the development that is already begun in East Nashville, and bring much needed life to an important area of Nashville.

Redevelopment eyed for Dickerson Pike

By Bill Harless, [email protected]

October 04, 2005

A Metro Councilwoman and a local business group are asking Metro to establish a

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I hope so too. Dickerson has came a long way from what it used to be but it still has a way to go. I like the idea of changing the name to skyline blvd. I think the name Dickerson rd will forever be associated with prostitution.

Exactly. Great idea.

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The buffalo statues at Dickerson Pike near 1st St are being installed this week..


The buffaloes were chosen as the project's centerpiece because large numbers of buffalo came through the area that is now Dickerson Road, drawn to a salt lick along the Cumberland River near downtown, project organizers said.


The new gateway, where the buffaloes are being placed, is the final piece of a multimillion-dollar streetscape project that has resulted in new sidewalks, landscaping, lighting and irrigation from North First Street to Douglas Avenue.

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