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Do all condos built in Florida require parking garage?


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That probably would fall under local zoning regulations (city and/or county) that may require a certain number of spaces per unit. I can't think of any state law that would require it (correct me if I'm wrong). For high-rises traditionally the developer just builds the garage... Recently here in Miami some developments (most of them loft conversions) have been able to skirt this requirement by leasing spaces from a nearby parking garage.

Plus, in Florida, not having parking would be a death blow to the property. Most parts of the state, with rare exceptions, are not able to have a totally car-free environment yet. So for now I say be creative: reduce their visibility from the street like by adding retail in the front fa

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Most municipalities require a certain number of parking spaces per residential unit. Because most condo towers are built on small plots of land, the only way to meet the parking requirement is to go vertical. It also helps sales, if private covered parking is inlcuded with the cost of your luxury condo unit.

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