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Philly Ready to Go All Wireless by 2006!

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Earthlink exec is sky-high on Philly

Says city's wireless future will be fast, inexpensive

DONALD B. Berryman has big dreams for Wireless Philadelphia.

He sees a city where people can jump onto the Internet, anywhere, free in some spots and for a low price elsewhere - using a variety of different Internet companies. Where low-income folks can get low-cost computers - even where parking meters can tattle on drivers that failed to pay their quarters.

Berryman is the Earthlink executive who will be in charge of building a $10 million to $15 million high-speed wireless network throughout Philadelphia. Earthlink was selected Monday to build, maintain and manage the network.


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Sounds great! Personally, since I'm on the Internet a lot :lol: , I'd love to be able to just go, sit down and check e-mail, news, sports, weather and of course city-related issues with my lap top computer anywhere. I'm glad Earthlink is doing this. One more great new thing for Philly.

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