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Spokane, WA - Kendall Yards, 90 undeveloped acres near city center


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Kendall Yards is a 90 acre former industrial piece of land on the north bank of the Spokane River near downtown. The development of this property will be important in shaping Spokane's future. Fortunately, it looks like the developer is doing a very thoughtful job. 2,000 or more people will live there when it is completed. There are also plans to develop a white water park along that stretch of the Spokane River.

For educational & discussion purposes only:

Spokane Journal of Business -

Chesrown taps top designer

Colorado firm specializes in upscale developments that use +new urbanism+

By Marc Stewart

Coeur d’Alene developer Marshall Chesrown has hired Design Workshop Inc., a trend-setting Denver-based firm that specializes in urban planning and landscape architecture, to create a master plan for his planned development at the former Summit development site here.

Chesrown says he plans to unveil the master plan for the project on June 16 at an invitation-only event in Spokane and then show it to the public the next day.

“Except for a little bit of tweaking, it’s done,” Chesrown says. “I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Todd Johnson, a partner in 35-year-old Design Workshop, says he can+t release many specifics about the master plan, but contends it will have a profound economic and social effect on Spokane.

“We value the center of a city,” Johnson says. “We think this project has the potential to bring people back to downtown. Our company specializes in reconnecting these types of sites to the assets of a city.”

Chesrown’s project, on 90 vacant acres above the north bank of the Spokane River west of Monroe, will result in an influx of 2,000 or more residents who will live near Spokane’s heart, Johnson says. He says that Spokane’s downtown is largely empty after 6 p.m. each day, but bringing so many new residents so close to the downtown will bring new energy and economic opportunities to the city.


The Spokane River will be the star of the project here, Johnson says.

“The Spokane River and the cataracts are extraordinary,” Johnson says. “We want to take advantage of that dramatic scenery and the Centennial Trail, which is an outstanding feature to have.”

Chesrown says the residential portion of the project likely will include apartments, condominiums, and town homes, although the size and prices of those residences hadn’t been determined yet.

Click here for full article.

Official site


Master plan from official site:

Master plan

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Just busses currently. Spokane really doesn't need mass transit as it doesn't sprawl out like other cities. There is some lightrail discussions but nothing serious as there are not two major centers worthy of linking other than maybe Coeur d'Alene, ID & the burbs in between. It would probably be smarter and cheaper to just promote growth downtown instead.

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Thanks for the thread. I actually think that a rail system is a good idea for Spokane. It's better to do it now, while it's cheaper and less disruptive. I grew up in Spokane, and it always seemed that busses were pretty heavily used. A rail system could has a lot of potential, in my opinion. Plus, they have the chance to direct some growth and investment in a particular corridor. If they can pull it off, they deserve a lot of credit for vision. Too bad Seattle couldn't pull off something like this 30 years ago. Hopefully Spokane won't make the same mistakes.

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