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Windsor's X-mas Looking

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Allan    0

Great pics, Muchswatch!

Wow....I just now realized how much Detroit needs to light up those downtown skyscrapers at night. Whatever happened with Kwame's plan to light up downtown by the Super Bowl?

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Cotuit    0

These pics make me realize that Providence doesn't do a helluva lot of holiday decorating. We have some shooting star looking things hanging on the street lights and a tree infront of city hall, but that's about it. We have a great park in Kennedy Plaza that could have all it's tress lit up.

In Boston they do up all the trees on the common with lights, I miss that.

Some of our skyscapers are decked out though. The Hospital Trust Tower's ring of white lights are red & green, the beacon at the top of the Superman Building is lit red & green, and the Westin has red & green lights at the top. And in my neighbourhood we have lights strung over Atwells Ave. and DePasquale Square is done up nice. Just wish Downcity looked a little more festive.

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