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New Detroit Tigers Coach


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I was wondering if you guys think Jim Leyland will be able to turn the Tigers around next season. He definately has more experience then Alan Trammell did. Leyland won the World Series in 1997 with the Florida Marlins. I've read a lot about him and I think he can help the Tigers improve, I can't see them losing more games next season then their 91 this past season.

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Leyland is a Pittsburgh guy (Ohio right across the line I think technically), for many many seasons he was considered the best manager in baseball save Tony LaRussa. Glad to see he's come back into the game I know the Pirates were considering rehiring him (he was the one that brought Barry Bonds into the majors and pretty much saved the Pirates franchise in some dark days when they were considering moving to Tampa or New Orleans). The current ownership group kind of alienated the guy when they took over in 95 and Leyland took the Marlins to a world title in his first year with the club, he also managed the Rockies for a few seasons.

Leyland will be a great fit for Detroit, you are lucky to have him, I think if it were not for some of the bad blood between current owners and Leyland (in my mind all the fault of the current owners who have led the team to 13 consecutive losing seasons while Leyland resurrected the franchise and twice got within a few outs of the World Series (91 and 92)) he would most assurdly be managing his hometown club the Pirates.

Motown lucked out bigtime . . . but then again the Steelers took Jerome Bettis from metro Detriot ;).

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