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During the NHL lockout, many downtown resturants felt the lullof a lack of business. I know from personnal experience cause my dad owns one on second ave. Many watress' went from getting $200 worth of tips to just barely enough to get by. Now that the NHL is back will downtown be rejuvenated to the level it was or will people dislike the NHL and not go to any games resulting in the continuation of the Lull?

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I wasn't at the game, but I was downtown. The entire place was crawling with people, some going to the game and some at the convention center and some doing I haven't a clue what.

It looked like the middle of the day down there. Make that Casual Day...

It's really good to see downtown hopping. I'm so glad most of the merchants were able to weather the lockout.

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Was at the game last night, very much like a playoff atmosphere--it was great. Saturday's game should at least be close to a sellout too. There's an opportunity for the Pred's to really break through this year, and for the fans to set attendance marks if all goes well.

I was not overly impressed w/ the rules changes, at least through two periods.--I think that's b/c S.J. was benefitting. S.J. and Nashville were very evenly matched, and that's a good thing for the Preds b/c S.J. is very fast and very skilled and they are good under the new rules. If this game happens at the end of the year, it could be a matchup of two of the premiere west. confrence teams.

It was a faster game w/lots of skating and scoring chances. The scrums on the boards are still there, of course as it is a part of the game, but they don't seem to last as long.

Okay there's my sports spew--sorry. DT is really impressive from inside the arena--it is a dominating view--and the skyline looks very powerful as you go down the steps from the top level (now added to the view is the developing Symphony Center).

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I watched the game on tv and last night and I could tell the atmosphere was great. It was a great win for us and if we can keep that trend going they can expect more sellouts and many more people downtown.

I watched the game last night on TV as well. The crowd was really into the game, and I sense a lot of excitement about the Predators this year. With the addition of Paul Kariya, one of the true NHL stars, this team may go far. I expect excellent attendence at the games this year, and downtown will be alive.

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