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Tallahassee Getting Superconductivity Lab


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Just reported at TDO.com FSU has wooed the Applied Superconductivity Center from the campus of Madison Wisconsin. Researchers have turned down offers to go elsewhere, and insist on Florida State University, home to the National High Magnetic Field laboratory!

I couldn't be more proud of my school and my city! :D Way to go Tally-Ho!

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Another plus will be the research that comes out of this institution. Think about it, Tallahassee pioneering research that helps America and the world more efficently use electricity! Thats bigger than the .com business, especially in these days of rising energy cost.

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Adding to what I've already said here...

I think this new institute can really help in our goals to diversify our local economy. We've been waiting for our big break, well, here's a vote of confidence. I'm more secure now than ever of our chances to lure Project North, solely based on the signal set forth here. Furthermore, I'd like to thank T.K. and his staff for being so aggressive and persistent. I think they've gone at recruitment the right way, with the right attitude, to fund potential not promise. That's what living is all about, taking a gamble.

I'm willing to gamble a little here myself. I'm willing to say the research yields better-than-expected results, and Tallahassee is the first city to Pilot the new technology. A few companies will develop as a result, some in the superconductive-wire industry, others in parts- support industries to manufacture the parts necessary to make the superconductive transmission parts for distribution to other cities. From there, a few HQs right here in Tallahassee, companies based on the new found effiency of electricity distribution. And before you know it, a tower going up downtown for an executive service comany. What a dream! :wub:

In any case, I do hope for the best with regard to this new institution, their move to our community, and their research. May their work give them all the more satisfaction that they seek to give to society.

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