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Hollywood proposing first TODs in Broward County


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Broward County's first Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) has come before the Hollywood Planning and Zoning Board. Two new developments will become the first to take advantage of the county's two newly-created Transit-Oriented zoning designations.

The Sheridan Stationside Village project, if approved, will be built on the site of an existing mobile home park that abuts the Sheridan Street Tri-Rail station. The project could potentially have 1,200 residential units, 150 hotel rooms, as well as 200,000 sq. ft. commercial space and 60,000 sq. ft. of office space. Developer is Pinnacle Housing Group. The project faces opposition from a neighborhood association and the park's residents, who would face eviction.

The site is located south of Sheridan Street and west of I-95 in Hollywood, highlighted in green. The Tri-Rail station is in red, and the CSX tracks are in blue:


The second project is a Transit-Oriented Corridor (TOC) development on the site of an ailing mall, the recently-remodeled Millennium Mall, located on State Road 7 (US 441) and Hollywood Blvd. The site may potentially include 2,800 residential units, a community theater with 300 seats, and just under 1 million sq ft. of commercial/retail (this part is likely to come from the existing building).

This could become the first major mixed-use project for the State Road 7 corridor. The goal of the State Road 7 Collaborative is to turn the 25-miles of State Road 7 that cut through Broward County into a high-density mixed-used area with bus rapid transit and/or light rail running along the corridor. Check out this site on the State Road 7 Collaborative. Broward County Mayor Kristin Jacobs was a guest on a local public radio program, and one of the many topics discussed included the future of US441/State Road 7 and the 14 municipalities that share the corridor.




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