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North East Community Club


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Inspired by some of the great conversations on urban planet, a group of residents on the North East side of GR have put together a little space for dialogue and action on www.myspace.com . You can check it out at http://groups.myspace.com/northeastcommunityclub . I encourage you to join if you are a resident of Belknap Lookout, Creston, Highland Park, North Monroe, Plainfield Area, etc. and want to connect with your extended neighbors about community issues that you care about.

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Here's the kind of stuff you might find on NECC...

-Stairs from Belknap to North Monroe? Yup. 400+ of 'em. How do we get them used?

-Tired of your typical ugly overpass? Ideas for how to make walking above or below the expressway more of an urban experience and less of an exercise in wasteland survival.

-The old Creston library building has been closed for years now. How should this building and surrounding spaces be used? Will Gilmore EVER deliver?

And here's one for the rumor mill. I have it on REALLY good word that the old Scoreboard Saloon just north of Leonard on Plainfield was recently acquired by the same folks that own Logan's Alley on Michigan and the Cambridge House on North Monroe. Plans are for a British/India style pub (fish, curry, pale ale and darts?) called Gray's Landing. Noticed last night that they already blasted off the old plywood facade. Fast timeline, they are reportedly going to open by the holidays.

This with Sazarac, Quinn and Tuite's and possibly a Gilmore joint...sounds like things are shaking at the Creston end of Plainfield.

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