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Florida keeps on PWNing the rest of america yet again.


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Florida should be the only state allowed to host the big game B)

I don't know about that... I like when they hold the Super Bowl in San Diego or Pasadena, as well. I despise it being played in domes. Keep it outdoors!

Interestingly enough, ESPN Magazine just had an article this month's issue (p.16) regarding the economic impact of the Super Bowl on host cities. And the last two cities to report data (Tampa in 2001 and Atlanta in 2000) actually lost money in the process. The article was in response to calls to give New Orleans the 2010 Super Bowl to help revitalize the city.

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First time I've seen it used on this forum... is there any particular way to pronounce it?

I've heard it pronounced "poon", though I think "pown" would safely get you through those chat rooms filled with the kids & preteens that use it.

Why was a Florida city chosen again in such quick succession?

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It's pronounced "OWN". A misprint of the word was found in a computer game years ago and the subculture has adopted it as slang for being better than an opponent.

I've been PWN'd here.

But actually, I pretty much figured it was something like that in terms of its etymology.

Actually, I've seen some people put "I pooned [other person]".

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