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Favorite City Skyline Outside of the U.S.


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My favorite skyline outside of the U.S. belongs to Sydney, Australia.

Its got great height, great density, the designs of the building's are great, and the skyline mixes in with the beautiful surrounding area very well.




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wow I really like Auckland's. Real cool looking and unique.

^^ Yeah, me too!! It's not as big, but something just made me adore it.... (probably the uniqueness)??

**Something Funny...... I was just looking at the pictures I posted and ALL are on bodies of water.... strange?**

Maybe being near water is a factor a thriving and beautiful city needs. If that is the case than a lot of U.S. cities have a limiting factor (Charlotte, Memphis, etc.)...... (hopefully not)..... I wan't a lot of U.S. cities to eventually be like these cities! (ATL, NYC, CHI, LA, HOU, are already there in my opinion....)

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I would have to go with Sydney, Australia as my number 1. The Opera House next to the water with the skyscrapers in the background is so sexy to me. I would choose Hong Kong as my second favorite. Although I don't like choosing something because it's bigger.....that doesn't always make it better.....Hong Kong is simply impressive. The height and density is amazing. The mountains in the background also lend an amazing backdrop.

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Auckland..... a "modern" skyline..... this is true because our city has pretty much developed the skyline entirely over the past ten years! :lol:


^ Auckland Central from North Shore City ^


^ looking out across the city towards the harbour islands ^


^ ridiculous density ^

but for me... its gotta be Brisbane, Australia, simply because of the density... despite containing no especially tall buildings (yet). But watch this space! Brisbane has some HUGE building projects under construction/proposed, so in another five years, the skyline will probably be twice the size! :blink: ..something to look foward too.



(BTW... most people would prefer, generally, the Sydney skyline to that of Brisbane..... but personally, I find Sydney a little too similar to Auckland to enjoy.)

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Not really, the development goes to the horizon. The Metro is 32M and the urban area is about 50M. No other city on the planet is like this.

This thread shows the level of development about a 50 minute minute heavy rail train ride away from the area above.

Wow! :w00t: That really is amazing.

BTW, that thread is great, monsoon. Thanks for posting those pictures.

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