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Blending a psecial-uprpose building into a 'hood - London (PICS)


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One thing that many modern architects / urban planners seem to have problems with is how to integrate a special-puprpose building into a dense urban fabric. it does not help that 'sculptural' buildings (ones with 'zany' shapes) need to be complately detatched for full effect; a condition that is contrary to dense urban form.

Here are examples of two London churches in the Marylebone area.

The first example is at a corner location. No break in the continuity of either street wall. Nonetheless, the Church really stands out. Architecturally very accomplished, this church (Hinde Street methodist church) was rebuilt in 1887 by James Weir on teh site of an 1810 building.


A close-up, thrown in for free


...end of part I

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