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More good news. Just when we were beginning to wonder about the 18-story midtown tower, it seems they've come through. A new modern, bolder design from Nashville and Atlanta architects with larger (but slightly fewer) units will start site prep in November. I'm excited that a Birmingham landscape company has been contracted for that work. That city seems to have the real handle on greenscape.

I didn't see a rendering, but I'm sure one will come forth soon. Maybe I missed it in the online version, so I'll pick up a paper at work this morning. But anyway, here's the scoop.


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How strange this is.

The story was there this morning, but now it's not. I didn't see it in the print version either.

Wonder if someone jumped the gun on something and they caught it, then yanked it. Seems a new rendering would have been nice, but it wasn't on there anywhere.

I think we'll see it again. I'm a bit confounded.

Let's wait and see now. Sounded really good anyway.

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