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Pitt Helmet petition


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Dan Marino

Mike Ditka (as a player)

Tony Dorsett

Bill Fralic

Russ Grimm & Mark May (who later anchored the legendary "Hogs" that the Redskins rode to 4 superbowls in the 80's and early 90's)

Curtis Martin

Nick Goings

Marty Schottenheimer (as a player)

Matt Cavanaugh (as a QB)

Dave Wannstedt (as a player)

Tony Siragusa

Craig "Ironhead" Heyward

The helmet was good enough for them, Pitt recently took off the "chipmunk" and put back "Pitt" in school font, but hasn't gone back to the old style 1960's to 1990's that saw the Panthers win one National Championship outright (1976) and rank #1 in some polls in 1980 and 1981.

I did like the idea of going to PittSBURGH in the late 90's but would rather see the good ol design come back and call it Pitt again.

Here's the petition:



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Bring back the "Pitt" script, striping, and design of the old uniform.

However, keep the "Vegas" gold & "Navy" blue of the new Pitt.

The Pitt/Pirates' mustard, Steelers' orangish-yellow, and Penguin Columbian blue are things that belong in the past (or a "throwback day" or two - maybe a rarely worn alternate, perhaps), IMO.

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No, Pgh, I did not sign it. I would want it known that I'm for the old font & stripes, but against the old color scheme.

There's a place in my heart (and Snoop Dogg's too, apparently) for the old Panther/Bucco mustard, but I feel it went out with the Steel industry of the 70's. :)

Hey, i'm still adjusting to the new Penguin gold switch-aroo.

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Snoop Dog huh? never knew he was a Pitt fan :lol:

I do like reading the petition sometimes Christopher Reeve (sp) signed it giving a very hilarious address, so did Jock Sutherland from his plot over at Calvary. See what you are up against here DTJ :lol:.

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