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Random stuff I found today....

Red Robin will open a restaurant in Jones Valley next to Chilis. This will be Huntsville's first or second location, depending on the opening of Bridge Street.

ALDI will build its first Madison County store on US 72 near Kohl's.

FedEx Kinkos and Verizon Wireless are coanchors of a new shopping center at the corner of 72 and Hughes Road- The Shoppes at Lawsons Ridge.

Any idea when the Aldi will be open? By the way, where did you find this information?


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^With the first Target proposal, Decatur was also supposed to get a Panera Bread, another restaurant that I'm confused why it hasn't come to Huntsville yet. However, site plans for Bridge Street suggest a Panera Bread will be built there, next to the Wild Oats.

It seems really odd, how just recently, the cities have become more competitive with the stores that they're getting. It looks like a place will either open in Decatur or Huntsville, usually not both. For the time being it seems pretty even, but, I think that we'll see that change as we find out how many BRAC people are moving into which area.

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Clock planned for roundabout

It sounds like a great idea for the revivalization of downtown Huntsville. The clock would be 4-sided and placed on 1 of the main access points to the downtown Embassy Suites.

Sounds good. I'll be glad to see that whole area redeveloped. I think it will greatly help downtown Huntsville. Right now the area between the parkway and downtown is such an eyesore.

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Multimillion-dollar renovation finished at Madison Square

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday officially marked the completion of a major renovation for 22-year-old Madison Square Mall - just in time for the year's heaviest shopping.

"We completely changed everything in the mall from the floor up," said Curt Hammontree, project manager with CBL & Associates Properties Inc., the mall's developer and owner.


Now they should plan to add another hotel and stand alone stores on site.

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Decatur got a Steak n Shake before Huntsville!!!!???? Wow. With our first Target proposal, we were supposed to get an Academy Sports, a store Huntsville didn't have.

Now it appears that Steak and Shake is finally coming to Huntsville; it will be built in front of Madison Square Mall across from Best Buy.

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The Birmingham News reported that among three European plants interested in

the state is a railcar company looking at North Alabama.

A Limestone and Morgan County delegation also went to Austria in an attempt

to attract a manufacturing facility that would bring 3,000 jobs to Limestone

County, Athens Mayor Dan Williams has said.

The site is near Alabama 20 and the Limestone-Morgan county line.

This would be near the Belle Mina community just outside the HSV city limits at the present time.

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Has anybody heard any news about Jason's Deli coming to town? Last I heard was Parkway Place trying to lure them in with a sign on the front of the mall, which didn't work.

We are listed on their site though.

Jason's Deli

that's good, I would guess in the Jones Valley area if it plans to open soon. But right now

anywhere is possible.

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There is a large lot on Bailey Cove near Four Mile Post between Dominos and some townhouses. For years, it has had a sign up saying "For Sale: Hotel/Restuarant Site." A couple of months ago that sign came down and a construction company sign went up. A small pile of steel work and other building supplies is sitting in the lot now and maybe some "PODS" containers too.

Has anybody heard of any developments/plans for that site?

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Riley to attend Verizon groundbreaking

Gov. Bob Riley will speak at the groundbreaking ceremony for Verizon Wireless' high-tech state headquarters facility in Huntsville Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

The facility will bring up to 1,300 jobs and an investment of over $44 million to the area.

The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at Thornton Research Park, 475 Quality Circle.


Do we have the current status of the construction???

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