Miami was one of the cities fortunate enough to have 3D renderings of downtown incorporated into Google Earth. As Miami's mind-boggling construction continues, it has quickly become outdated and many buildings are not shown. What's great about Google Earth is that all information can be expanded with new data sets. You can add your own layers, which is what I've started to do, to record all of Miami's new construction and recently-completed projects. It's a long way from complete. Here is what Google already has for Miami: I've started adding the newest buildings, from left to right (that's the proposed Empire World Towers in the middle). Orange represents buildings under construction, light blue is approved, and purple is proposed: This pic gives you a general idea of what the skyline will look like from the waterfront, the common angle at which the skyline is shot (this is an old shot: the shapes buildings on the far right aren't accurate and were just used as placeholders):