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Best Local Development News

Grand Rapids Development News  

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite source for local development news?

    • The Grand Rapids Press
    • Grand Rapids Magazine
    • Grand Rapids Business Journal
    • Local Television
    • Internet Sources
    • Other

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The good-time gossip of UrbanPlanet aside, I like Grand Rapids Magazine. They, of course, don't provide day-to-day news developments, but the features they do showcase are very thorough and with interesting commentary. That and, there's likely to be some nice glossy renderings of the latest big project. ;) (props, woz)

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I think all the news sources around lack in one way, shape or form. Sometimes stories that should be obvious for GRBJ are never covered. GR Press messes up a lot of stuff (too many typos) :). I think GR Magazine is a good magazine but you never really get the latest scoop as we've usually talked about it already.

Which leads me to believe that UP is the best source for GR news!


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mibiz.com is ok :)

They're not bad, but it seems to be more Kzoo and Battle Creek related, and some of the news they report is a week old by the time it gets posted :P

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GRBJ is by far the most reliable for me when it comes to getting updates on downtown. Although they seem to take great delight in putting out confusing rumors in their "Street Talk" section. Just this week, they mention something happening with Sam Cummings and the parking lot between the new Art Museum and Monroe Place. Take a look at the article, and you'll see what I mean. Hey Woz, can you shed any light on this rumor, or will I have to consult an encription expert to try to figure it out again?

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