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Pictures of Florida State University


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Great pictures! Almost made me forget how many ugly buildings FSU has. :)

HUH? Seriously?

Thanks for the quick tour, TJ. Beautiful campus! I've always wanted to take a stroll on rival turf. UF and FSU's architectural style are very similar. In fact, I didn't realize the campuses looked so similar. Large live oaks and magnolias, date palms, similar architecture, same color brick, etc. The architectural style is collegiate gothic, but to me, FSU and UF's style isn't the same as "collegiate gothic" campuses in other parts of the country. Maybe there's a spanish influence? I'll dig into this topic once school slows down a bit.

Also, many of FSU's buildings have the same name as UF buildings (Broward, Turlington, etc.). Makes me want to dig deeper and find out who these men were.

Fantastic pics! I'll try to throw together a University of Florida tour one of these days. I think you'll like what you see.

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