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DOT considering 4 routes for outer beltway


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Cost estimates for the proposed Outer Beltway are now up to $1.68 billion dollars.:o Its also estimated that 95,500 vehicles would travel this route daily in 2025.

With $1.68 billion dollars, by smartly using the money, you could re-shape the entire Jacksonville metro, by funding several projects around town, that would increase the entire region's overall quality of life.


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I think you mean 1.68 billion. ;)

But yes ... that's an obscene amount of money. That 1.68 billion could fund mass transit for the entire metro region. It's a shame that we're politically willing to spend that for yet another freeway, but seemingly apathetic about spending less than 10% of that to fund regional commuter rail. (And yes, I know they are going to do a commuter rail study in 2006 ... but frankly, if more people cared, they could have had a system running by then!!)

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