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According to prominenet urbanists like Bernard H. Ross and Myron A. Levine authors of "Urban Politics Power in America" in their book they describe Miami as "Like Chicago Miami can be seen as a global city; although less important than New York or Los Angeles on the global stage, they(Miami and Chicago) occupy important positions as national and regional financial centers." Its important to note however that later in the book Houston is called a third tier city and is compared to San Francisco and is spoken very well of in terms of its ties to Mexican trade. Also of Note Atlanta in called a fifth tier city were "agressive entrepenuership is beggining carved a niche out for themselves in the world economy. Other cities in this catagory include, Charlotte, Columbus, and Rochester.

Before anybody tells me how much i suck and that they want ot kill me (Atlanta forumers im looking at you) Its just a book I thought it was interesting, it is at its core an opinion please, dont tar and feather ME. :ph34r:

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