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APPROVED: Island Gardens condo/hotel


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French hotels in France are sometimes a shock to us Americains... My French teacher always warned us not to be surprised if what you're used to in lodging is different, like if you found that the whole floor shares a bathroom, or even if everyone uses the same bar of soap... (incroyable!) The other thing that Madame told us is that chefs hate it when a customer asks for their steak to be cooked well done.

A friend of mine came down on business and they put him up at the Sofitel here in Miami (it's off of 57th Ave south of the airport)... I think it's more the "resort", the service, and the restaurant that make it seem like such a posh place. The rooms were pretty ordinary when you considered the rates.

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they're building one in chicago

Yeah, I realized that too right after I posted it, but according to Shangri-la, the Miami version is to open first. The chicago one will be in the Waterview tower which is over 1000 feet, so I'm guessing it will take longer to build than Island Gardens, though I think Waterview has already started.

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