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CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Carolina First Center


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Man I wish we could build a convention center downtown! It would be perfect with all of the hotels, restaurants, etc. nearby.

Since that will never happen, I am curious to see what the master plan is for the Expo Center. Ideally it will drive development along Pleasantburg. Perhaps one day we will have several hotels adjacent to the Expo Center (decent ones - an old Comfort Inn doesn't count) as well as somewhat of a town center there that is pedestrian friendly.

If Greenville could somehow tap into the convention market, it would be great. I know we aren't big enough and don't have as much to offer as places like Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, etc. do, but if our leaders get creative we can hopefully improve in this regard.

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The Dragon Den is no longer there?!? I hope they have moved to a different location and not simply closed, because the food there is excellent.

Not sure where the Dragon Den went, however, the spot was replaced by Irashai (spell?), which is without a doubt, the best sushi in Greenville. Not sure if this is a second location for them or if they moved from Wade Hampton.

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I wish that they'd tear that Comfort Inn down, and replace it with a more modern one, maybe 5 or 6 stories, and make a bikeway/path to the Expo Ctr. BTW, what happened to the Dragon Den? That was some of the best chinese in Greenville.

I agree the comfort inn could be much better but I wouldn't wish tearing it down on my friends the Patels. They are making a living.

Anyone know if Yeargin got the bid for the Expo?

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RT, they have the latest version on a seperate download page now, since they've started pushing Firefox more. I recommend having them both, for cases such as these. ;)

Thanks, Skyliner! Unfortunately, my company has dictated that I must use I.E. (which is ironic considering the fierce competiveness between MS and my company); therefore, I don't have any options really while I'm at work. :(

I may download and play around with it on my, er, uh, the wife's laptop later, though. :thumbsup:

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