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In reading all the threads today....Portland, OR came up in one, Happy Cow Creamery in one, and shopping locally in one. That all reminds me of a trip to Portland, OR I took years ago (late 80's) and they had a store that was a public/private partnership selling only items made in Portland. It had some catchy name pertaining to the area....Northwest something or other. The store was run by the city, but sold only merchandise made in Portland by locals. It was done VERY well. Over the years I've seen this done in several other cities, though usually more by a local retailer without city involvement (was in one such place in a city in Pennsylvannia and picked up an item made in China....kinda kills the idea).

Greenville's downtown would be the perfect spot for such a public/private partnership. Think of the local artist, OOBE sportswear, Happy Cow, West End Coffee, all the green block Greenville T-Shirts and accessories, Crescent Mountain wines at La Bastide, Thomas Creek brewery.....the list goes on and on.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

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Could it be made out of state by a company that developed the product and who itself is located in the Upstate?

Could be. I think the one in Portland was strictly a "made in Portland" to keep money in the local economy and local entrepreneurs hands.

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