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Charlotte/Raleigh and Entrepreneur


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For all of you all thinking about starting a business; Myself included. If you live in Charlotte area or the Raleigh area consider yourself blessed. Entrepreneur magazine has just listed this years rankings.

Charlotte is #2 and Raleigh #3. Last year Raleigh was number 1 I believe, or maybe that was another magazine. Either way. Congrats to Both cities.

Check our the listings here. Entrepreneur Mag. :D

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News14 ran a story yesterday about the "Small Cities" list, with a focus on Fayetteville. Apparently a great deal of renewal has been underway in Fayetteville lately, and it has attracted a fair amount of new business. The video footage they had certainly surprised me.

The city also has a great incentives program for people looking to relocated downtown. I think this is great for Fayetteville. Having a gigantic military base doesn't do much for an urban image, so I'm glad the city of Fayetteville is getting recognition that it needs.

NC cities on the "Small Cities" list:

2 Wilmington, NC

23 Greenville, NC

31 Asheville, NC

39 Jacksonville, NC

51 Fayetteville, NC

87 Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir, NC

121 Rocky Mount, NC

139 Goldsboro, NC

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