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Restaurants flock to Renaissance Center


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Pedestrian friendly in Detroit? LOL!!!! We only have the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the country.

Seriously though, I haven't heard of anything. They really do need to do something though. This might be the motor city, but the motor city needs to be pedestrian friendly as well.

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Also, besides the barrier wall and Jefferson, there is no street level retail (all the stores are inside the fortress) and the interior of the RenCen is like a maze.

This just about sums up the whole Jefferson problem right here. It's murder trying to cross that thing!


Photo courtesy of ClevelandNO!

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that would be a good spot fo that show fear factor. Challange: cross Jefferson and not get killed

LOL. Actually, it would.

They really do need to do SOMETHING. What were they thinking when they "improved" it in the late 1980s? I guess that's just the car culture in Detroit for you. A park over the top of it would be nice...if only there was money to do it. Many of the freeways in Detroit could also stand to be capped. They killed many of the surrounding neighborhoods. Downtown is cut off from the rest of that city by that freeway cage around downtown. The freeway system works very well & is effective at getting you where you need to go, but it doesn't do much good if you actually want to walk somewhere.

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