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New shoes by Michelin to be sold in upscale department stores nationwide. Wonder if they will have these available downtown at the Michelin experience? Kinda fun.


Ha! They could use the river walk as their "test run track".

Anyone know if they sell Michelin wiper blades at the downtown location?

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Here's some very positive words about Greenville from the guys from Trans-Siberain Orchestra after there show earlier this week at the Peace Center:

"Just a quick note to say it was an amazing show 9000 + in attendence, excellent sound and everyone seemed to be really enjoying playing. Chris had this to say about the area:

After Hartford we headed back south...a LONG way south...to Greenville, South Carolina. The bus ride was fun. We had a visit from Meeun and Brian Hicks. Lots of laughs. The laughs kinda stopped when I woke up in the AM and our driver Dave said we may have a serious bus problem. About an hour later we stopped again and Dave said we could not go any further. I packed a couple of small bags and we split up into the other buses and left ours. I fell asleep, or tried to at least, at a table on the bus with Bob and the girls. The much needed rest was interrupted! We made it to Greenville at about 4PM. Our bus was towed to a repair station somewhere near Lexington, Va.

That night was very quiet. I just rested, walked to grab some Indian food and watched about 15 minuted of football with Jeff and Kyle. Kyle almost won the pool. He needed 3 more points scored! It was kinda strange to see how warm it was. We went from 14 degrees in Montreal to 80 degrees in SC all in a 2 week period.

The next day I woke up and went to the Indian place again but this time it was with Alex. Great stuff. I told the guy at the restaurant to expect many more peole later because I know that a bunch of people on the tour love Indian food.

Greenville was so nice. I had never been there. Probably one of the cleanest and nicest cities I have seen in the US. A great place for 2 days off. I wandered the streets for a while with Jeff and Alex. Then I had a radio interview. This I did on a really cool footbridge overlooking a waterfall. It was again about 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! I stopped to shop on the way back and took a nap before leaving again for dinner.

Alex, James, Stevie, Jeff and I wound up at a place called Smoke On The Water. It is a really cool restaurant overlooking the river. The place was packed. I was surprised to see this on a Tuesday but found out it was half price bottle of wine night. That plus the nice weather and Greenville was pretty active for a weekday in December.

We had a great dinner and then headed back towards the hotel. We saw a place with a drum set in the window. It was a local Jazz club. We stopped in and tried to get a guitar for Alex...his was stuck on our broken bus. We were not able to make it happen. So, we headed back and al wanted to get rest because we had another 1/2 of a day before a show with this weather and this incredible town. I woke up at about 11 and went to do more shopping. I stopped back at the Smoke On The Water place for some more grilled shrimp.

Our bus had arrived at the hotel early in the AM. It needed a new fan of some sort and they flew out the wrong part on Tue. They had to send the right one via private jet on Tue night!!!

I was happy to have my home back.

After shopping and food I just walked along the river and took a nap on a huge rock along the shore. It was such a great couple of days in this town. A huge reason why I wasn't online. It was just too nice out to sit in my room.

This was only year 2 for TSO in Greenville. TSO West did it last year. The attendance was almost capacity at 10,000!!! The crowd was amazing and we all can;t wait to come back to this city next tour!!!"

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Here is an interesting article about how Southern cities have rediscovered the arts and are using their arts (Bohemian Index) for economic gain (to attract young talent, to attract companies, etc). Both Greenville and Raleigh, NC are called out. Great read! :thumbsup:


Great read! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Happened to be "watching" 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' friday night and overheard guest Eric Bana mention something about being in Greenville, SC and said to definitely "check it out." I was not really paying attention and missed the context and precisely why he had been here. The show was taped sometime in May, but obviously they've been airing reruns since the writers guild strike. Funny thing is that I am a huge Conan O'Brien fan, but randomly happened to be watching Late Late that night for no reason. That was pretty awesome national exposure for our city, so if anyone can find out why he was here and perhaps even locate a transcript of the show, I would be very grateful. :)

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US News has published their 2008 Best Colleges and Clemson ranked 67 in the nation (sadly, my alma mater, Alabama, is 91).

Online rankings link:


I don't mean to gloat, but...the University of Florida is at 49. Go Gators!!! :D

I didn't know Greenville had a minor league football team. The Seminoles were taking photos and practicing this morning in Cleveland Park. Caught this photo on my jog. Anyone know anymore about the team? :dontknow:


Hmm....I wonder what happened with the Greenville Greyhounds - they had been the Minor League Football team here previously.

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