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Light rail starter lines proposed for Snohomish County


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Everett Herald -

Light rail 'starter' lines proposed for county


There isn't money in a proposed second phase of Sound Transit to extend light rail from Seattle to Snohomish County, so local transportation planners have come up with a creative way for light rail to get its start in this county.

They are proposing a "starter" light rail line from Everett Station to Everett Community College, the eventual northern end of Sound Transit's light rail system. Another option discussed is to build a small line from the Lynnwood Transit Center to Alderwood mall, with a possible stop at the Lynnwood Convention Center.


"Certainly, the tremendous success of the Tacoma starter system has spurred a lot of thought to how we could start a starter system in the north end," Olson said, referring to the popular light rail line that connects downtown Tacoma with the Tacoma Dome. "The experience in Tacoma shows how tremendously popular light rail is."

Everett Station to Everett Community College is being proposed because it's easy to decide where to put the tracks - on Broadway - and because it would serve a lot of riders, Olson said.


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