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Fall Foliage?


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I am a student at FSU, ive lived in south Florida All my life. And I was wondering...Do we get Fall Colors here in Tallahassee? I know were probably too far south to get anything like in the northern US, but to anyone whose lived here awhile, I was just wondering if I can expect to see any fall colors in the following weeks as it gets colder here.

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Yo Scuba Steve!! Welcome to Urban Planet. We're happy you joined us man!

As far as the Fall Foliage in Tallahassee goes, there's nothing like riding down one of our canopy roads, namely Miccosukee Road, during the fall. Watching the leaves turn yellow and red was always a joy of mine growing up. I haven't seen the fall foilage much as a college student, most of the trees surrounding campus (all schools) are evergreens. But if you wonder east of Monroe or North of Mahan (Tennessee) you're sure to see something.

I was telling the others, this fall I'll be featuring alot of foilage in my picture of the day posts, so look for some of those if you're unable to get around town. Lake Ella is a nice in-town location to see some foliage also.

Again, Welcome to UrbanPlanet! I'll be looking forward to hearing alot from you.

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Scuba Steve... Big daddy was great...

I love the foliage on Old. St. Augistine east of capital cirle. Tom Brown also has some hiking trails around lake lafayette great for dates and picnics. absolutley beautiful year round if u r used to the south fla landscape...

TJ... i should let u in on some trails u should hit on ur bike man.

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