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Blue, Blue Sky


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These four photos were shot this weekend at Fall for Greenville. The weather for the event was SPECTACULAR! Dry, breezy, cool morning and evenings, nice days, not one single cloud. The kind of days that just make you happy to be alive! :P The below photos I posted separate from the Fall from Greenville thread due to the incredible blue, blue, blue, sky. Anybody else have any of this weekends incredible sky, please post them here.





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Nice pics. The bluest skies I've ever seen are in New Mexico. I guess it's the dry air and the elevation. I never knew the sky could be that shade of blue. Here's a couple I took on vacation earlier this year at an old mission church. Hopefully I won't bother anyone for posting pics outside the stated area. No photoshop by the way, these are straight off my camera.



Oops sorry about the size, I thought I had resized them.

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Growing up in North Dakota confused me when it came to the change of the seasons. The first day of winter was Dec. 21, but it's very possible for there to be snow on the ground for 6-8 weeks by then. It would often snow until April, and summer was over by Labor Day. :(

I moved to Greenville 20 years ago, and now it all makes sense. :)

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