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Williamsburg Savings Bank


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After 7 days of rain, this weekend finally cleared up in New York City. I was able to walk around the great borough of Brooklyn and enjoy some wonderful early-autumn weather.

I snapped quite a few pictures of Brooklyn's tallest building, the Williamsburg Savings Bank. The tower is located in downtown Brooklyn near Flatbush Avenue and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). It is 512 ft. and is graced by a domed tower with four clock faces on each side. The local nickname for the tower is "The Willie" -- you can make your own decision why it's called that after you look at the photos.

I have heard that there was an observation deck on the building that was open until 1977 -- I'd love to get a chance to go up and see what it's like now! I also heard that the building was once known as the tallest building between Manhattan and Paris.

Enjoy the pics...









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Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. Feel free to post more from around New York because people don't that often.

Yeah -- I'll be sure to bring my camera with me as I go around town. I noticed that there wasn't too much New York stuff in this forum -- I'd love to share some of the things I love about the city.

My office is in Rockefeller Center -- I can't wait until 11/1 -- the GE building is reopening its observation deck -- it has been closed since the 60's -- it's supposed to be brilliant -- three levels of art deco perfection. I'll take a million pics and post them here when I go.

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