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MIAMI | Keeps them coming! 19 new bldgs over 500 feet


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new development spreadsheet with new info....

Some things I've seen right away:

-Flatiron is now 73 stories, 849 feet!!! (with 600,000 sqft of office space)

-1101 Brickell is now 74 stories, 849 feet (up from 835)

-1490 Biscayne Blvd (1400 Biscayne blvd parcel, accross from Herald condos): 73 stories, 744 feet

-Omni Development (6 TOWERS!!): 72 floors, 700 feet.

-31st Park (350 NE 32nd ST): 49 stories, 510 feet

-500 Brickell (new tower): 51 stories, 599 feet

-600 Brickell: 52 stories, 648 feet

-Anderson Opera Center Tower (14th street & Biscayne): 57 stories, 649 feet

-The Chelsea (1550 Biscayne): 52 floors, 649 feet

-City Sqare (accross from Herald HQ): 62 floors, 640 feet

-One Herald Plaza (2 towers) 64 floors, 649 feet.

-City View (City joint development) is up to 41 floors, 418 feet.

-Electra on the Bay (700 NE 26th TER): 43 floors, 463 feet

-Lima (2955 Biscayne): 41 floors, 473 feet

-Marquis West (127 NE 11th ST): 34 floors, 400 feet

-Max Tower (Verite, 1600 NE 1st ST): 39 floors, 508 feet

-Urbana Tower (1755 NE 2nd AVE): 42 floors, 549 feet

New Midtown Towers:

5 Midtown: 31 floors, 360 feet

6 Midtown: 32 floors, 330 feet

Midtown Park: 8 floors, 120 feet

and last but certainly not least, showing up on the list we have:

Empire World Towers: 106 stories, 1200 feet.

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Wow,.. and there was a time when the Wachovia Tower was not only the tallest (55st), but also the centerpiece of the Miami skyline. If most of these projects go up,.. The centerpiece will be a structure of 75 to 80 stories in hieght and who knows,... maybe even 110 st....

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for real man! :blink: No complaints, though -- it's all good. If we can get the City to break 400,000 before 2010 and the county at 2.5 million I'll be happy. And these are urban neighborhoods, and that makes it great. I think what I'll start doing is working on the Omni area and mess with those Zyscovich renderings and get some skyline out there...

BTW, for those of you wondering what we're talking about, it's this:

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The Miami Herald has a new article on the boom, after the latest release of the city's monthly development report.

This is serious stuff. The fact that Empire World Towers is officially listed in the report at its new full height is truly amazing.

Look at these incredible statistics (and this applies within the City only):

  • 14,000 condominium units currently under construction.

  • 63,000 units approved or in permitting process. How many of these actually get built is to be seen.

  • To compare: only 9,250 units were built within the past 10 years.

  • $5.6 billion in construction currently in progress.

In addition, the city task been undertaking a massive project to revamp and create new form-based zoning code for Miami, also known as Miami 21, which has been covered in this forum in . Many developers may be trying to push their projects through before the new code takes effect.

Needless to say, this is absolutely amazing. In addition to all the high-rise construction, I am really hoping that we start seeing more mid-rise infill within the city and we start seeing more price ranges.

And to think, in 1997, arguably the worst financial years for the City, this would have been laughed at. For those of you who may not know, the City of Miami was in serious financial difficulty, after many years of mismanagement. It was on the verge of bankruptcy, and the City's existence came into jeopardy. Just one year after it celebrated its 100th anniversary, a citizens' group successfully collected enough signatures to bring to voters the question of whether or not the City should be abolished. If this had happened, the City would have ceased to exist and all functions would have been taken over by Metro-Dade County. And let me tell you, this was serious business. It almost did happen. Faced with the possibility of Miami ceasing to exist, Metro-Dade county commissioners asked voters to change the name of Dade County to Miami-Dade County to keep the name alive.

Miami has come a long way, and there is so much for which to be proud. It is in this context that you must see this boom in order to understand the true magnitude of what is happening and why it's so remarkable. To see this complete 180

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Aesso -

I remember very well despairing at the prospect of Miami getting its fiscal act in order, and also of the prospect of a thriving downtown.

Miami gets my nomination as Comeback City of the Decade.

(Although 'comeback' connotes a return to normalcy, whereas Miami's taking things to another level !)

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well if you need any help i'm your man....i was going to try the google earth thing but then i noticed how big the download was and i said forget about it......

Yeah,.. it does take up some space,.. its like having Kazaa or Winmix on your hard drive,.. I dont think i should be saying that on here :whistling: (Kazaa)

But I think its worth it, its tight.

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