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Jefferson Smurfit Paper Mill sold


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The old mill, that produced a smelly odor over the city for decades, has been sold to Keystone Industries LLC. Its unclear if they plan to use the old mill industrial buildings, but they plan to build up to 2 deep water piers, conveyor systems and storage buildings to hold limestone rock, granite, gypsum, salt, wood chips, cement and silica. This coal dry bulk cargo terminal will create 60 jobs with an average wage of $45,000 a year, as well as breathe life into an abandoned industrial site. Keystone was attracted to the site because it provides enough space for a rail loop to load 100-car trains.


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Port Authority still wants land for expansion

We may have a potential fight on our hands. The Jacksonville Port Authority also wants the former paper mill site and has authorized using eminent domain to acquire the entire 91 acre tract.

Keystone claims that its coal terminal is a "much higher and better use and a more immediate use" than the port authority's plans for the site. They also claim that as a corporate-owned property Keystone's terminal would generate tax revenue.

Keystone knows the JPA has the legal power to take the property, but hopes other factors will be considered.

"Jacksonville has extended an invitation for businesses to come to Jacksonville and invest here," Bruce said, "and I think it would send a very bad signal to have a company accept that invitation and then not be able to come because of other things."


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