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Jacksonville Project & Construction List

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Downtown Map



The Shipyards


As Jacksonville's largest Downtown development project, One Shipyard Place is a 10-year, $860 million waterfront development plan that will stretch along 44.7 acres of the St. Johns River in the heart of Downtown. The development will include residential, office and commercial space, hotel and marina components, and a major new public riverfront park connecting Downtown to ALLTEL Stadium. The projected plan for The Shipyards will be to house a 16.8 acre park, 11.6 acres of open water, 260 slip marina, 662 luxury residential condominiums, and a hotel with commercial and retail units.

completion date: 2004-2010

St. Johns Center


Developer: American Landing Housing Inc., North Miami Beach.

Location: Between the Riverplace tower and the Chart House restaurant.

Project: Two 30-story towers, the Strand, 295 apartments, and the Peninsula, a condo building, and a 450-car garage.

Completion date: Fall 2005

Berkmann Plaza II



Location:along the St. Johns River on 400 E. Bay Street

Project: Phase two- 22 story, 206 unit apartment tower

Completion Date: N/A

San Marco Place


Developer: Riverplace Properties Development LLC

Location: Just east of the AvMed building on Riverplace Boulevard.

Project: 148 condominiums, 5,200 square feet retail space and a parking garage.

Completion Date: Fall 2005

Fidelity National Financial


Developer: Fidelity National Financial

Location: Riverside Drive, just North of I-95

Project: Phase I: 6 story, 150,000sqft offce building and a 4 story, 800-car parking garage. Phase II: expand upward to a 19-story, 532,000-square-foot structure.

- Also build 10-story, 280,000-square-foot building with a 7-story parking garage with 2,850 spaces & across Riverside Avenue, Fidelity also might build another 10-story, 200,000-square-foot building, with a seven-story, 1,300-space parking garage.

completion date: (phase 1) July 2005

Southside Generation Station Land Proposals


St. Joe Co. proposal

The St. Joe Co.: 907 residential units, including 13 single family houses, 115-room hotel, 58,000 square feet retail space, 7,500 square feet restaurant space and 370,000 square feet office space.

Haskell Co. proposal

The Haskell Co.: 1,400 condominiums, 40,000 square feet restaurants and stores, 146,000 square feet office space.


11 E. Forsyth


Developer: Vestcor Cos.

Location: Forsyth Street

Project: The 17-story Chicago style Lynch building, built in 1926 now houses 126 loft-style apartments. It opened this spring.

Laura Place


Developer: Signet Development

Location: NE Corner of Laura & Forsyth Streets

Project: The complete renovation and rehabilitation the Bisbee, Florida Life, and Marble Bank buildings into loft apartments, office condominiums, first-class commercial office space, and approximately 5,000 square feet of street-level retail. Plus, the construction of a new 60,000 square foot Class A office building, pocket park and parking garage.

completion date: n/a

The Carlington


Developer: Vestcor Cos.

Location: East Adams Street


The Carling Hotel, built in 1926 and later renamed the Roosevelt in 1936, is one of the only two hotels remaining in Downtown Jacksonville that were constructed during the Florida boom of the 1920's, will be converted into 100 apartments, 15,000 sf retail, and a 250 space parking garage.

completion date: Jan. 2005

The Barnett


Developer: JB Jax

Location: SW corner of Laura & Adams Streets

Project: The conversion of the Barnett Tower into an 80 unit hotel (The Lion & The Gargoyle), 75 loft styled apartments, a bank branch and a 5 star restaurant.

completion date: Jan. 2005

Former JEA headquarters


Developer: n/a

Location: NE corner of Julia & Duval Streets

Project: potential conversion into condos

completion date: n/a


Duval County Courthouse


Developer: City of Jacksonville

Location: 7 blocks on the westside of downtown

Project: The new courthouse will include over 900,000 sq. ft of office space (up from the existing 341,000 sq. ft. of space) and a 600-space parking garage.

completion date: 2007

Main Library



Developer: City of Jacksonville

Location: Laura Street & Hemming Plaza

Project: a new public library and a 600-plus space parking deck.

completion date: Fall 2004

Jacksonville Veterans Arena


Developer: City of jacksonville

Location: Just west of A. Philip Randolph Boulevard in the Sports Complex

Project: A new 16,000 seat arena

completion date: Fall 2003

The Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville


Developer: City of Jacksonville

Location: Stadium District, just east of Atell Stadium

Project: a new 10,000 seat baseball park

completion date: Spring 2003


Bay Street Town Center


Developer: City of Jacksonville

Location: 4 blocks of Bay Street, from Ocean to Liberty Streets

Project: Streetscape and incentive program aimed to transform Bay Street into an entertainment district, before Super Bowl 2005.

completion date: Jan. 2005

The Jacksonville Landing


Developer: Sleiman Enterprises

Location: Laura Street @ the St. Johns River

Project: renovation & expansion of riverfront entertainment center before the Super Bowl 2005. Later phases will include two 6-8 story condo/office buildings and a 25 story office tower.

completion date: (phase 1) Jan. 2005

there are several smaller infill projects also planned. You can learn more about whats going on in downtown JAX at: http://www.downtownjacksonville.org

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Duval County Courthouse


10 stories, 1,300 space garage with street retail

Jacksonville Veterans Arena


600 space garage with street retail

Humana Building


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WOW I had no idea jacksonville had SOOOOO many projects going on at once jacksonville seems like it's just booming with all these projects

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Those all look like great projects. I never would've thought there would be so many projects going on there!

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It looks like most of these will be done since most are already under construction trying to finish before the Super Bowl next year. A couple more (The Strand, San Marco Place, and Fidelity National Financial) are scheduled to begin construction this month or in january. All won't be finished before the big game, but visitors will see a lot of cranes in the skyline.

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Council to hear Laura Place plan


existing buildings


proposed rendering

Jacksonville Daily Record

by J. Brooks Terry

Staff Writer

Redevelopment legislation for Laura Place could be put in the City Council hot seat by early January.

One of several projects gunning for a low interest City loan and a hefty grant from the Historic Trust Fund, the development plan for the Marble Bank, Bisbee and Florida Life buildings has already been given the thumbs up by the Downtown Development Authority, the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Society and the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission.

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Yeah, the new courthouse will be pretty huge. Because the county didn't it to be a high-rise it will be 10 stories and will consume 7 WHOLE blocks for a hefty price of $232 million dollars. Site work on the courthouse started a couple of months ago and I'm excited about this project because it will add to the building density in downtown and will bring in thousands of people daily, to a part of downtown that is presently pretty much dead to pedestrian traffic.

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Wow....that is a HUGE courthouse. 7 Blocks! Even Comerica Park in downtown Detroit only took up like 8 blocks!!

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Developers announce negotiations for new downtown hotel


Company to decide in March which developer will build on property that has served as a parking lot

A Westin Hotel or a condominium tower could sprout from an empty parking lot across the street from the Jacksonville Landing if commercial developers can close the deal.

Orlando-based Capital Partners is negotiating to buy the property and the Humana building from Humana Inc. in February, said Jim Heistand, a principal at Capital Partners, that has an office in Jacksonville.

Heistand said the company is also negotiating with Westin officials to build a 12-story, 197-room hotel and a 900-space parking garage, and two South Florida developers who want to build a condominium tower on the property. He would not name the South Florida developers.

Heistand said Capital Partners will decide in March which of the three developers it will strike a deal with to redevelop the property.

Capital Partners' deal surfaces as developer Toney Sleiman, the new owner of the Jacksonville Landing, is negotiating an incentives package from the city to revamp the downtown retail center.

Sleiman's plans include eventually building high-rise towers, which would require a change in zoning to allow structures higher than 75 feet. Sleiman doesn't plan to build the towers for several more years.

But when that happens, at least one of them could block the view to the river from the proposed hotel or condominium tower. Capital Partners says it would protest the rezoning.

"We are going to do everything to protect our interest and our interest is not for anything above the existing zoning," said Bill Evans, a principal at Capital Partners.

Sleiman did not return telephone calls yesterday to discuss the zoning changes or how his plans might affect the hotel-condo proposal.

Evans said he did not know if the developers he's working with would seek incentives for the hotel or condominiums.

Kirk Wendland, executive director of the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission, said the city has no immediate plans to rezone the property and would extend incentives to a four-star hotel, such as a Westin.

The city has a recent history of providing incentive packages for downtown hotels and condominium projects.

For example, it provided $23 million to HBE Corp. of St. Louis, the developers and owners of the Adams Mark hotel, to build the $125 million, 966-room Northbank hotel. But occupancy was beset by an economic downturn and Sept. 11 that curbed tourism and convention business and resulted in a low number of overnight stays at the 19-story hotel.

The city also approved up to $3.6 million of incentives in December for developers to build San Marco Place, a 137-unit condo development that is expected to cost $46.8 million to build.

City officials are reviewing its incentives policy to determine if it should give future incentives to residential developers.

Evans said Westin's interest in Jacksonville is evident in the inquiries from its customers for overnight stays. The company does not have a hotel in Jacksonville.

Capital Partners says it would also build a new 1,200-space parking deck on the property to serve the Landing, the Humana office building and the proposed hotel-condo. The city is obligated to satisfy a 375-parking space agreement for the Landing that was reached between Humana, the city and the Landing's previous owner, the Rouse Co. Capital Partners will assume that responsibility when it buys the Humana Building and change its name to the SunTrust Building.

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More good news for Jacksonville! Too bad it can't be taller, but anything is better than a surface parking lot.

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Just updating the list: 15 Jan. 04

18 story Old JEA Building Office Conversion


proposed rendering & existing photo of JEA Building

Trinity Realty Partners' will spend $15 million to renovate this into office space.

323 Duval Street


323 Duval Street proposed renderings

A partnership of three groups -- Easton, Sanderson & Co.; Sofar Properties Inc.; and lawyers Eddie Farah and Chuck Farah plan to construct a 100,000sf office building across the street from the new Duval County Courthouse.

Ambassador Hotel


The 323 Duval St. partnership will also renovate the vacant Ambassador Hotel (located on the same block) into apartments

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Guest donaltopablo

Amazing thread. What an excellent project. Sounds incredible! Please keep the info coming. Also, do you have any more info on the Skyway?

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It's good to see that the old Ambassador Hotel will be renovated instead on demolished. It's nice to see that some cities at least try to preserve some of their old buildings.

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originally posted by donaltopablo

Amazing thread. What an excellent project. Sounds incredible! Please keep the info coming. Also, do you have any more info on the Skyway?

Skyway - Kings Avenue Station (pic by Captain Obvious on SSP)

Right now the Skyway is benefiting from infill office and residential projects poping up near its stations. Although small, it really is an efficient system and it only cost 35 cents to take. The city has plans to expand the skyway in two directions, along the north riverfront. The time table all depends on how fast the area grows and densifies. One line would extend along Riverside Drive to I-95, while the other line would go along Bay Street and end near the Shipyard's development and the Stadium District.

originally posted by Future Architect

It's good to see that the old Ambassador Hotel will be renovated instead on demolished. It's nice to see that some cities at least try to preserve some of their old buildings.

For years Jax demolished several quality old buildings, because they were considered decayed relics at the time, dispite their architectural significance. The successful renovation of the 17 story Lynch Building, built in 1926, into loft apartments has changed the local attitude towards saving older buildings for the better. But, while almost all of the remaining historic highrise buildiings are undergoing or proposed for restoration projects, there are still several mid-rise and low-rise buildings still falling apart. However, I do believe, once a couple of the bigger projects are completed, investors will begin to look at the smaller buildings.

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Wow! I live in Jacksonville, and I didn't even know about some of these projects. I've been following most of them, but I've never seen San Marco Place or that proposed hotel adjacent to Humana. Where did you find those stories and pictures, cause I want to check them out! Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum, its great to have another Jax forumer here now. I find out about a lot of these projects because I work for a local architecture, land planning & development firm. However, the best info I find on Jax's proposed developments come from web editions of local newspapers, such as www.jacksonville.com and www.jaxdailyrecord.com. There are a lot more projects that are proposed for downtown and neighborhoods around it, like San Marco, Five Points, & Springfield. For example, right now my firm is working with a developer who plans to demolish the vacant Parkview Hotel and build a 20+ story apartment tower with pryamid roofs, on the corner of Main & State Streets. I've worked on the rendering, but I can't post it or give much info about it, because its still early in the planning process. There's also several condo towers going up in Jacksonville Beach, but I just haven't started a thread on it yet.

You should also check out, the Florida forum on SSC (link: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/forumdisplay...?s=&forumid=346). There are a couple of Jax forumers, who stay on top of all of the proposed downtown develops going on, from the large towers, to the small restaurants and art galleries planned along streets like Adams, Laura & Bay. There's also a lot of Jacksonville photo threads there.

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BTW, here's another recent development that could add up to two, 250+ unit condo towers, next to the Aetna Building on the Southbank.


New Aetna Building owners discuss plans

New owners of The Aetna Building on the Southbank want to be friendly neighbors.

They met with Baptist Medical Center executives to discuss their intentions to develop and upgrade their recently acquired 12-acre Aetna site at 841 Prudential Drive along the St. Johns River.

"We're looking at it as a cooperative" effort, said ownership partner Hal Dodt.

Baptist, which is undergoing a $90 million expansion at its 800 Prudential Drive campus, appreciates the effort.

"They made introductions and raised the possibility of joint planning," said Baptist Health research analyst Chad Reece.

"We've haven't reached any specifics. It's very early, very initial. We were appreciative, considering how our campuses are intertwined," he said.

Reece said that Aetna Building owners and Baptist executives were "looking at the different opportunities and how they might work together."

Reece said Baptist would review its master plan and then meet again with Aetna owners.

Some possible synergies include Baptist using some of Aetna's 200,000 square feet of available office space, as well as its medical staff renting or buying in one or two potential high-rise 200- to 250-unit, apartment or condo buildings that Aetna owners contemplate.

Aetna owners also are investigating development of a 40- to 120-slip marina.

Dodt, principal of Renaissance Realty Associates, and Jeffrey Douglas, with Krook Douglas Development, led the group that paid $39 million for the 515,000-square-foot Aetna Building and its adjacent 1,100-space parking garage.

A visit to the Aetna management office this week found a site model with two towers along the river that were at least the height of the Aetna building.

The model also showed the possibility of small retail stores in front of the office building and its parking garage. KBJ Architects, the original architect on the 49-year old building, is working on designs, which would require city and other approvals before construction could start.

Don't expect firm plans for eight to 18 months, Dodt said. It would take that long to strike deals and perform the due diligence, he said.

In a brief tour of the building, which has 19 floors of office space, Dodt emphasized that residential development would be market driven, and probably market-rate, and that a marina was under study.

The group bought the building from OAIC Jacksonville LLC, part of Ocwen Financial Corp. of West Palm Beach.

Here's the present site, surrounded by surface parking


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If you don't mind me asking, what company do you work for? Just wondering... That Parkview Hotel needs to be demolished! Any new development will greatly help Springfield. Also, I didn't see any pics of Villa Riva, in Riverside. I would post a pic, if I knew how. :huh: Oh well...

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I work for Powers & Merritt in Ponte Vedra Beach. I haven't gotten a firm grasp on all the developments happening in Riverside, San Marco, & Jacksonville Beach yet. I know about 1665 Riverside, Villa Riva, and the highrise condo going up in Ortega, but so far I've only focused on downtown. When I get so time I'll post info on those also. However, if you see or know about anything not shown here, feel free to post it.

To post a picture, just move your mouse over the picture and right click on it. Click on properties, then highlight and copy the picture's web address. Then pull of the SSA screen and click on the "IMG" code button and paste the image's web address there & click okay.

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