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Does anyone know what happened to the Pullen Place project? Did it completely go away? ... just curious. Its about time that the Diocese do something with that property. Its been, in my opinion, a bit of a waste land since Cardinal Gibbons HS relocated.

This is how it was described:

"Pullen Place: Bordered to the north by Western Boulevard and the NCSU Main Campus and to the south by Centennial Boulevard and the NCSU Centennial Campus, Pullen Place provides a crossroads for university students and Raleigh residents alike.

Perched on a rolling 40-acre parcel, the project, along with the neighboring historic Pullen Park, also provides a new western gateway to the Raleigh CBD.

Combining convenience retail with specialty shops, restaurants, a cinema and nearly 600 residential units, Pullen Place offers a vital town center community.

The main street is anchored to the east by a 168-room hotel and to the west by the Catholic Student Center. The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh is also headquartered in the development.

Pedestrian friendly streets linking a village green, an entertainment plaza, residential amenities and transit stops are enhanced by architecture reminiscent of indigenous southern towns."

A design proposal was put together by Carter and Burgess.





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This project has been sitting around gathering dust for a pretty long time, sort of like Stanhope Village up on Hillsborough. Stanhope is supposedly waiting on the Hillsborough Street improvements, but I'm not sure what the developers here are waiting on. Perhaps zoning? This is heavily forested property owned by the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. At some point they had agreed to sell the land but I don't know if the property has actually changed hands yet.

I know that the city's transportation plan calls for a direct link from Pullen Road to Oval Drive. While this plan does provide a link, it's not quite direct. Maybe the city doesn't like that, but if that's the problem then I say "who cares."

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This project has been sitting around gathering dust for a pretty long time, sort of like Stanhope Village up on Hillsborough.

I've never heard of either project, but hope they both end up breaking ground. Are these catered towards students ? If so, it will be nice to see students living closer to campus rather than building new apartments way down Western Blvd near Cary, or off Tryon Rd.

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Too bad about that part that looks like a strip shopping center on the western end.
You're right; it would be a huge pity to have a strip mall directly across from the grand entrance to Centennial campus. It looks like this design is entirely focused internally and makes little attempt to connect to the areas around it. That's probably because there really isn't anything around it right now, but as Centennial Campus is built out I'm sure that will change.

I've always wondered when/if NCDOT is going to do something with the Western/Pullen "interchange." Not likely, but its present configuration is a bit awkward.

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Why is a cinema included in the project when there's one a quarter mile away at Mission Valley? And do we really need more multifamily residential, when the NCSU area has had so many new aparment complexes go up recently?
Mission Valley only has four screens, and need I remind you that there are 26,000 students at NCSU, not to mention the faculty and staff - and the student population is projected to expand significantly as Centennial is built. I say it's much better for NCSU students to live in an area 5 minutes' walk from both Centennial and Main Campus than to put them all in the "student housing" way out on Tryon or Chatham where they have to drive in. There sure are a lot of apartment complexes around NCSU, but in spite of what may look like a glut, the decent places fill up year affter year.

The amenities proposed for Pullen Place will definitely be welcome in the NCSU area.

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and need I remind you that there are 26,000 students at NCSU, not to mention the faculty and staff

Nope. I see several thousand of them every day (I'm a staff member myself...)

I did forget that MV only had 4 screens though. Haven't been there in quite some time (I don't go to movies often). However, if a new multiplex goes up, it will kill off Mission Valley, no question about it. It died once without help... There's something to be said for progress though. Maybe it should die and the space be renovated, or razed and used for more shops anyway.

As to the apartments, it never ceases to amaze me that they can fill up all the properties that have sprung up, especially down trailwood. I lived in one of the Preiss Co. megaplexes a few years back (University Oaks), and its *only* virtue was proximity to campus. It was extremely cheaply built, and the rent wasn't especially cheap. Though I guess building more this close to campus is good, for that same proximity reason. If it causes the ones farther out to devalue, well, maybe they shouldn't have been built there in the first place.

I don't suppose I had my thinking cap on when I posted yesterday. :silly:

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