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Concord Mills Car theft


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I recently had my Honda Accord stolen from Concord mills. This happened to me once in Philly and I never dreamed I would have to worry about it here in Charlotte. The funny thing is that I finally gave in while living in philly and bought a Club to go on the steering wheel. Guess where the Club was when my car was stolen this week. Laying in the back seat.lol... Im sure the culprits got a kick out of that because they definately didnt gain anything valuable by taking my vehicle.

My question is this. Are car thefts common at Charlotte area malls? I figure it was some kids trying to get into a gang or something along that line.

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I'm sorry your car was stolen. I think car thefts at malls have been pretty steady, of course SouthPark's gone up ever since the parking decks around the malls have been built, and I think Eastland's and Carolina Place's have been moderate.. it's happening though so you're not the only one

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